Streamlined Year-end Closing for Astute Businesses

Year-end marks more than just the calendar's turn. It's a time of reflection, adjustment, and preparation for businesses. Our Year-end Closing services ensure you end the year on a financially sound note and commence the new one with clarity and confidence.


Benefits of Streamlined
Year-end Closing


Tax Preparedness

End the year with all your financial ducks in a row, ensuring a smooth and stress-free tax season.


Financial Health Check

A comprehensive review of the year's financials, ensuring there are no lingering discrepancies and giving insights into your business's overall health.


Strategic Planning Aid

With accurate year-end reports, strategize your next steps based on concrete data, propelling your business into a prosperous new year.


Compliance Assurance

Sleep easy knowing that your financials are in line with regulations and industry standards, avoiding penalties and ensuring a reputation of trustworthiness.

Our Year-end Closing Process


Detailed Review

Scrutiny of the year's financial records to identify any anomalies or omissions.



Aligning books with bank and credit card statements, ensuring every transaction is accounted for.


Adjustment Entries

Making necessary adjustments for depreciation, pre-payments, and other accruals.


Comprehensive Reporting

Collating all data into comprehensive financial statements, ready for tax filing and strategic review.

Why Partner with Us for Year-end Closing?

  • Local Expertise, Global Perspective

    While deeply rooted in Houston's market specifics, our approach is refined by global financial best practices.

  • Tailored to Your Needs

    Our service is molded around your business. Regardless of size or industry, we ensure a year-end process that complements your operations.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    Modern challenges require modern solutions. We leverage the latest in financial software to ensure precision and timeliness.

  • Dedicated Specialists

    Benefit from a team that specializes in year-end processes, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and expert guidance.

Client Testimonials

"Books by Berry transformed our financial chaos in QuickBooks online. Sandeep's expertise revitalized our accounting processes, which gave us accurate and analytical data to properly direct our operations."

John S.
5.0 Star Rating


It's advisable to start the year-end closing process at least a month before the fiscal year-end. This allows ample time for reviews, adjustments, and ensures all financial matters are in order before the year concludes.

Yes, we can. With your permission, we'll collaborate directly with your tax professionals, ensuring a seamless flow of accurate information, reducing overheads, and ensuring tax compliance.

Data security remains our top priority, especially during year-end processes. We employ advanced encryption technologies, secure data transmission methods, and conduct regular security training sessions for our staff to safeguard all financial data.

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